Go karting jobs in the USA with Camp New York

Go karting jobs

At Camp New York, we offer more than just the usual summer camp go karting jobs; we offer the adventure of a lifetime, craftily blended with the joy of imparting wisdom and excitement to young enthusiasts. Go karting is not only about speed and skill, but also fostering a sense of achievement and confidence in our campers. With Camp New York employment opportunities, we invite you to join us on this exhilarating ride.

Imagine a summer where your office is a go kart track, surrounded by the stunning landscapes of New York. Seize the opportunity to turn your passion for go karting into a rewarding summer venture. We are on the lookout for spirited individuals to fill our go karting instructor positions at a reputable Summer Camp known for its commitment to fun, safety, and education. Are you ready for this USA summer adventure job?

Key Takeaways

  • Join a premier summer camp in New York for a thrilling nine-week journey as a Go Karting Instructor.
  • Transform your love for go karting into an inspiring mentorship role with a handsome salary of $2000.
  • Revel in comprehensive employment perks including food, accommodation, and ample time for post-summer exploration.
  • Embrace the opportunity to develop skills and foster personal growth while shaping the experiences of young campers.
  • Discover the cultural tapestry of the USA with the freedom to travel post-camp completion.

Embark on an Adventure as a Go Karting Camp Counsellor

At Camp New York, we’re extending an invitation to those who are eager for an escapade that’s beyond the humdrum of ordinary employment. If you’re looking for camp counsellor positions that promise both an adrenaline rush and the joy of nurturing young minds, then you’ve stumbled upon the perfect opportunity. Our Summer Camp go karting programmes are designed to infuse adventure into every moment, making every lap around the track a journey of discovery.

More than merely a summer job, pursuing a career in go karting with us is a transformative experience you won’t find elsewhere. You’ll become part of a community that prioritises safety, fun, and learning. Becoming a go karting instructor at our camp involves more than just guiding through corners; it is about moulding the lives of young racers who may one day pursue their very own career in go karting.

We believe that exemplary mentorship stems from confidence and expertise, which is why we are dedicated to providing our camp counsellors with comprehensive training. This preparation ensures you can share your knowledge with enthusiasm and precision. After all, the best part of earning through youth sports coaching jobs is witnessing the growth of the young racers under your guidance.

So, why not strap into the driver’s seat of this exceptional experience? Join us at Camp New York for a summer that accelerates your personal and professional life to new heights. Embrace the opportunity of camp counsellor positions that empower you to make an indelible mark on the lives of our campers, whilst also fuelling your passion for go karting in the scenic outdoors of New York.

What to Expect from Go Karting Jobs at Camp New York

Joining us for the upcoming summer camp job openings at Camp New York is the beginning of a transformative journey. Aspiring camp counsellors can anticipate an immersive go karting career development experience, complete with expertly guided training programmes and an introduction to the vibrant go karting community.

Job Duration and Training

We kick off our nine-week programme with extensive go karting training programmes to fine-tune your skills and equip you for excellence on and off the track. This pre-employment phase is designed to seamlessly integrate with your quest for seasonal work in New York, offering both professional and personal enrichment.

Salary, Food, and Accommodation Details

Our comprehensive job packages are structured to ensure you thrive during your time with us. With a competitive summer job salary in the USA, coupled with provided meals and accommodation, you can dive into your role as a camp counsellor without the typical financial stressors.

Duration9 Weeks (June to August)
Salary$2000 total
AccommodationComfortable living on-site

Life After Camp: Exploring the USA

Post-camp life is an open road for cultural exploration in America. Avail of our go karting counsellor travel benefits, ensuring you ample time for travel opportunities post-summer camp. This window for exploration celebrates the camp counsellor perks, symbolising our appreciation for your dedication.

We are enthusiastic about opening doors to rewarding experiences and the exploration of the diverse landscapes that constitute the essence of America. Welcome to the future of summer employment, where every day is an adventure and every job a stepping stone to your next big chapter.


As our journey together through the realms of go karting and summer camp experiences comes to a close, we are excited to invite you to apply for positions at Camp New York. We have unique career opportunities in go karting that promise not just a summer job but an enriching summer camp experience that contributes significantly to personal and professional growth. If you’re geared up for a season of high-speed action and mentorship, we encourage you to start the Camp New York application process.

Your Next Steps to becoming a Camp New York Go Karting Instructor

For those revved up about diving into an incredible summer experience with us, here’s what to do next: navigate to our website, find the careers section, and click on the ‘apply‘ button. It’s essential that your summer camp instructor application reflects your passion for go karting, your eagerness to foster youth development, and your zest for summer adventures. Put the pedal to the metal and apply today – the race course awaits your expertise and enthusiasm as our next Go Karting Instructor.

Why Choose Camp New York for Your Summer

Choosing Camp New York means you’re opting for a summer vocation that is infused with adventure, camaraderie, and a raft of summer job benefits. By becoming part of our team, you are not just securing a summer filled with thrills but also a summer that promotes significant growth, both personally and professionally. Through go karting career prospects at Camp New York, you’ll earn not only financial rewards but also enduring memories, skill enhancement, and the fulfilment that comes from igniting a love for go karting in our campers. The Camp New York experience is one that lingers, enriching your career profile and crafting summers that you’ll look back on with pride and joy.


What positions are available at Camp New York for go karting enthusiasts?

We offer thrilling Go Karting Camp Counsellor positions for those passionate about the sport and eager to mentor youth. It’s a chance to join our dedicated team for a memorable summer adventure.

How long is the go karting job duration at Camp New York?

The go karting positions are for a nine-week tenure, typically from mid-June to mid-August, perfectly synchronised with the summer vacation season.

What does the training programme for go karting jobs at Camp New York involve?

Our immersive training sessions facilitate your development in go karting techniques and coaching skills, equipping you to confidently lead and manage go karting activities on the track.

Are accommodations and meals provided for go karting camp counsellors?

Yes, we ensure all our go karting camp counsellors have their essentials covered. Comfortable accommodation and all meals are provided, allowing you to focus on the job without worrying about these necessities.

What is the salary package for a go karting counsellor at Camp New York?

A rewarding salary package of $2000 is offered for the summer placement, which includes comprehensive job benefits such as food, accommodation, and thorough training.

Can I travel in the USA after my go karting job at Camp New York ends?

Absolutely! Following your placement, you’re encouraged to utilise a 30-day period to explore and soak in the vast cultural landscape of the USA, making the most of your summer experience.

What makes Camp New York’s go karting jobs a unique career opportunity?

Our go karting jobs are not merely summer positions; they’re pathways to personal growth, adventure, and the chance to make a positive impact on young lives while engaging with a sport you love.

How do I apply for a go karting job at Camp New York?

To join our exhilarating summer adventure, visit the Camp New York website, navigate to the careers section, and hit the ‘apply‘ button. Show your passion for go karting and dedication to youth mentorship through your application.

What benefits can I expect from working at Camp New York over the summer?

Alongside financial rewards, working as a go karting camp counsellor offers personal development, enjoyment in imparting valuable skills, and the bliss of contributing to a supportive and dynamic community.