Sailing Jobs with Camp New York

Sailing Jobs

Sailing Jobs with Camp New York

By offering sailing jobs with Camp New York, we believe that the perfect summer job can transform not just your holiday plans but your entire outlook on adventure and education. Have you ever imagined combining your sailing passion with the opportunity to inspire others? Well, now’s your chance! We’re recruiting for sailing jobs, promising an unforgettable summer filled with New York sailing opportunities and the chance to fill the summer camp sailing vacancies with energy, enthusiasm, and your expertise.

Situated in the scenic tri-state area, we’re a mere stone’s throw from the bustling streets of New York City. Yet, our camps offer the serenity of a lakeside getaway, where you’ll be more than just an instructor – you’ll be a mentor, a leader, and an integral part of an empowering journey for countless young minds.

Is it time you stepped up to the helm and carved out a summer packed with purpose, skill-sharing, and waves of excitement? If yes, join us for an incomparable season of sailing jobs with Camp New York, where you’ll not only earn but learn and lead in an idyllic setting!

Key Takeaways

  • An opportunity to combine your love for sailing with a rewarding instructional role.
  • Earn a salary of $2000 with living costs and meals provided for the duration of your Camp New York placement.
  • Enjoy a vibrant 9-week period sharing knowledge and inspiring young campers.
  • Seasonal employment in New York area that gives you a platform to explore the US further for 30 days afterwards.
  • Contribute meaningfully to youth development through sport and team building.

Sailing Jobs – Embark on Your Next Adventure

Are you ready to set sail on a journey that combines your avid interest in nautical pursuits with the rich rewards of mentorship? Our sailing teaching opportunities offer more than just a job; they are a foray into the quintessence of a New York summer role, filled with enthusiasm and the spirit of the sea.

Discover Sailing Instructor Jobs at Camp New York

Imagine a place where your experience and passion for sailing empower you to influence young lives positively. At Camp New York, our summer sailing camp counsellors play the pivotal role of guiding campers through the complexities of knot-tying, the nuances of sailing strategy, and the importance of teamwork. We’re in search of individuals who are robust in spirit, eager to engage, and carry a treasure trove of sailing job qualifications.

Seasonal Employment: A Summer of Sailing

The 9-week sailing job at Camp New York isn’t simply employment; it’s a portal to new friendships, learning experiences, and an enhanced skill set. We perfect the essence of seasonal sailing work, matching job seekers with a role that aligns with the festive vibe of summer holidays and the temporary cessation of academic pressures.

The Ultimate Guide to Applying for Sailing Positions

Our Sailing job application process is simple and easy – broken into stages we help get you to New York and beyond. Committed to maintaining a high standard of sailing tuition, we welcome applicants who possess a harmony of sailing expertise and the intrinsic motivation to foster youth development.

  1. Grab a cuppa or a coffee and get ready to embark on a Summer of a lifetime!
  2. Gather evidence of your sailing competence and experiences which underscore your suitability for the role.
  3. Prepare to articulate how your personal qualities resonate with the ethics and values of our camp.
  4. Submit your application by clicking Apply Now on the website!
Prevailing Sailing ExperienceEssential for effective teaching
Certified Sailing QualificationsCritical for safety and compliance
Leadership AbilitiesVital for managing groups and inspiring campers
Affinity for Youth MentorshipBeneficial for building rapport and influencing positively
Adaptability to Dynamic EnvironmentsImportant for the ever-changing conditions of our lakeside venue

Together, we will navigate through this invigorating chapter, hands on deck, smiles alight, propelling towards an unforgettable summer, resplendent with opportunities and the shared joy of sailing.

Comprehensive Benefits of Teaching Sailing

When we welcome you to our team, you’re embracing more than a summer job; you’re stepping into a role replete with sailing instructor perks that enhance both your professional and personal life. Our holistic approach to your well-being is evidenced by a package brimming with myriad camp job benefits, setting the scene for a season filled with growth and joy.

As a valued instructor and camp counsellor, your financial peace of mind is paramount. We recognise the importance of a rewarding salary; hence we offer a minimum of $2000 for the nine weeks. Recognising that your expertise is invaluable, we complement your earnings with comprehensive provisions, which include food and accommodation, ensuring that your focus can be anchored solely on imparting wisdom through our sailing programme.

Anchoring the hallmark of our responsibilities, we include medical insurance to ensure your time both on and off the water is spent without concern for your health and safety. It’s our way of showing gratitude for your dedication and to buoy your spirits, knowing that we’ve got you covered.

Let us detail the facets of our comprehensive benefits:

SalaryCompetitive $2000 remuneration
HousingComfortable, on-site accommodation provided
MealsVaried, nutritious food provided daily
Medical InsuranceInclusive coverage to safeguard your health
Support NetworkAccess to a community of experienced professionals

Embark with us on this venture at Camp New York, where we embark on more than just sailing—here, we set sail on a voyage of enrichment, fostering a community of like-minded individuals, all while revelling in the sheer delight that comes with the profession of sailing instruction. The opportunity to make significant contributions to the lives of our campers and the broader fortunes of our community is, we believe, the most impactful of the perks awaiting you.


As the summer season beckons, we at Camp New York are filled with ardour for the new contingent of sailing educators poised to embark on their roles. It is with great pleasure that we anticipate the distinctive talents and fresh perspectives that will grace our shores. We cherish the inception of these sailing career opportunities, which represent not merely transitory roles but gateways to a sustained journey in the realm of outdoor instruction and genuine personal advancement.

Our provision of an enriching camp experience is at the heart of what makes a summer with us transformative. By joining our dedicated crew, you will traverse beyond the conventional horizons of employment into a domain where nurturing growth, fostering a united community, and sparking inspiration in the younger generation are the tenets of your everyday existence. Additionally, with the prospect of travel after camp work concludes, the experience at Camp New York segues into explorations of new locales and the cultivation of enduring bonds and skillsets.

We invite you to chart a course towards the enriching venture that lies ahead. As we set sail into the resplendent New York summer, we eagerly await the privilege to weave together our stories. Apply now and let us hoist the sails of the ship that will usher you to your next grand escapade. Discover the unique camaraderie and unforgettable memories that only a stint at Camp New York can bestow. Join us and partake in crafting a narrative that will echo across your lifetime.


What types of sailing jobs are available at Camp New York?

We offer sailing instructor positions for those who have a passion for sailing and teaching. These positions run for a 9-week period over the summer, from around June 15th to August 15th.

What qualifications do I need to apply for a sailing instructor job?

We look for individuals who have good sailing skills, a strong understanding of safety procedures on the water, and the ability to teach and inspire young campers. Leadership qualities and an interest in youth development are also important. RYA qualifications or experience certainly helps!

How does the application process work for sailing positions at Camp New York?

You can apply directly on our website by clicking the ‘apply now’ button. The application will ask for details about your sailing experience, qualifications, and personal attributes that make you the right fit for the role.

What are the benefits of working as a sailing instructor at Camp New York?

Aside from earning $2000 for the summer, you’ll receive free food and accommodation. We also provide medical insurance, allowing you to focus on your job and enjoy your summer without any added stresses.

Can I travel after my Camp New York placement?

Yes, after your placement finishes, you have a 30-day period to travel around the USA and explore.

Is previous experience with summer camps required for a sailing instructor job?

While previous experience is a plus, it is not strictly required. We value your sailing proficiency and your ability to engage with and mentor campers effectively. Comprehensive training is provided to all instructors before the camp season begins.

Will I have opportunities for personal growth while working at Camp New York?

Absolutely. Working at our camp offers more than just a job; it’s an enriching experience where you can develop personally, gain new skills, and be part of a close-knit community.

What is the daily routine like for a sailing instructor at Camp New York?

As a sailing instructor, your days will be filled with teaching sailing techniques, ensuring safety on the water, and participating in various camp activities. Each day brings new opportunities for fun and adventure with the campers.

How do I apply for saling jobs with Camp New York?

Simply click apply now and get ready to embark on a Summer of a lifetime!

We offer sailing instructor positions for those who have a passion for sailing and teaching. These positions run for a 9-week period over the summer, from around June 15th to August 15th.