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Stay updated with latest news on Summer Camp jobs in New York. Learn about new opportunities, travel experiences, fascinating facts, tips & what it’s like to work as a camp counsellor at a Camp in America.

Camp Counsellor Guide Welcome to our definitive guide on forging a successful path as a camp counsellor, a vibrant and enriching role designed for those passionate about empowering the next generation whilst reveling in the beauty of the outdoors. Here,

books to read in your 20s

Essential Books to Read in Your 20s for Personal Growth and Beyond! Our twenties mark a formative phase in our lives—it’s a decade ripe with exploration, self-discovery, and personal growth. At Camp New York, we savour the importance of these years and have taken

All camps! Are you looking for a fun and enriching summer experience? Look no further than All Camps! From overnight camps to day camps, we offer a wide range of options through Camp New York. With All Camps, you can

British Things

There’s something about British things and culture that has always intrigued me, and I’m sure many of you feel the same way. From iconic British symbols like the red telephone box and black taxi to the rich history and tradition, the UK has a

Pizza perfection! Embark on a culinary journey to discover the perfect pizza in New York City. Known for its diverse and delectable pizza scene, the Big Apple offers an abundance of mouth-watering slices to satisfy the most discerning of pizza

in-camp training

At Camp New York, we’ve developed a robust in-camp training program designed to equip aspiring camp counsellors from the United Kingdom with the skills and knowledge they need for a successful summer. Our training encompasses everything from leadership development and team building to practical,

Welcome to our in-depth exploration of road america camping, where we’ve compiled a treasure trove of tips and insider knowledge for camping aficionados and beginners alike. At Camp New York, we’re all about integrating the electrifying ambiance of motorsports with

pride of america camping resort

Seeking a tranquil paradise for your next outdoor adventure vacation? Look no further than the pristine environs of Pride of America Camping Resort, the ultimate nature retreat in America. This family camping getaway is nestled in a lush landscape, inviting guests to unwind and

Looking for an unforgettable summer experience that combines the great outdoors with a deep sense of Jewish culture and community? Look no further than Jewish Camps USA which we offer through Camp New York. Camp New York offers a gateway

Summer Camp Jobs

What to Pack for Summer Camp: An Essential Checklist ​ Clothes and Outerwear ​Summer camp is a great time to explore new activities, make new friends and create lasting memories. But before you head off to camp, you need to make sure you have

The Top 10 Summer Camp Movies of All Time ​ 1. Wet Hot American Summer ​It’s the early ’80s and the first day of camp at Camp Firewood. The counselors are all young and ready to take on the summer.

Summer Camp Job

Are you looking for a summer camp job? Learn how to land the perfect position with these helpful tips. Tips for Landing a USA Summer Camp Job ​Are you interested in working at a summer camp? It’s a great way to spend your summer

There are many reasons why you should travel to New York in 2024, but did you know that New York has a huge birthday coming up? Travelling to New York in 2024 can be an exciting and memorable experience for

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International Exchange of North America (IENA) is owned and operated by experienced ex-Summer Camp Directors and Hospitality professionals. With a vision to be a more affordable international staffing partner while offering high-quality and professional service, IENA has been providing opportunities for people from over

Known as ‘Britain’s Best Boss’, entrepreneur, student travel expert and AmeriCamp founder, Lee McAteer, has announced his much-anticipated come back in the student travel sector. McAteer, co-owner of the largest independent wrestling company in Europe, PROGRESS Wresting, has teamed up

New York City is a melting pot of cultures, and with that comes a diverse culinary scene that is unmatched. From street food to Michelin-starred restaurants, the city has it all. But with so many options, it can be hard to know where to

We all love pizza, but if you’re in New York and fancy a slice of New York magnificence where should you go? Here is our guide to the Top Ten Pizza Joints in New York City! If you’re a pizza

We are excited to share with you everything you need to know about this amazing experience, and how it can enrich your life and faith. What are Christian camps? Christian camps are summer camps that offer a unique experience for children and young adults

We are excited to share with you everything you need to know about this amazing experience, and how it can enrich your life and faith. What are Jewish camps? Jewish camps are summer camps that provide a unique experience for

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As the days grow longer and the school year comes to an end, summer approaches, bringing with it the excitement of USA Summer camp adventures. For American children, spending their summer at camp has become a cherished tradition, where they learn teamwork, leadership, and

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Explore exciting opportunities as a camp counsellor in New York, America. Travel to the USA to work at a Summer Camp in America, experiencing the best of both work and adventure in the USA whilst earning $2,200 or more.