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Stay updated with latest news on Summer Camp jobs in New York. Learn about new opportunities, travel experiences, fascinating facts, tips & what it’s like to work as a camp counsellor at a Camp in America.

Sailing Jobs with Camp New York By offering sailing jobs with Camp New York, we believe that the perfect summer job can transform not just your holiday plans but your entire outlook on adventure and education. Have you ever imagined

Go karting jobs

At Camp New York, we offer more than just the usual summer camp go karting jobs; we offer the adventure of a lifetime, craftily blended with the joy of imparting wisdom and excitement to young enthusiasts. Go karting is not only about speed and

Archery Jobs with Camp New York At Camp New York, we’re scouting for passionate archery instructors eager to notch their arrows and set their sights on a rewarding archery career this summer. Merge your enthusiasm for archery with the gratification

Horse Riding Jobs

Horse Riding Jobs with Camp New York! Looking for horse riding jobs? Embarking on an equine career adventure this summer? Join us at Camp New York, where a myriad of equestrian job openings await those with a zeal for horse riding and a heart

Tennis coaching jobs at Summer Camp in America! For those of us with a passion for tennis and a knack for nurturing talent tennis coaching jobs in the USA present a golden opportunity. Across the pond, the USA is calling

soccer coaching jobs new york

Soccer Coaching Jobs New York At Camp New York, we offer an unparalleled opportunity for passionate football enthusiasts to transform their expertise into inspiring the next generation of players. Our soccer coaching jobs in New York are designed to provide a blend of professional

Swim Coach Jobs! As passionate admirers of the world of aquatics, we’re eager to dive into the vibrant landscape of swim coach jobs. Our waters are teeming with a raft of swim coaching opportunities for those enchanted by the art

J1 jobs New York

Are you looking for a unique way to experience the vibrant city of New York while gaining valuable work experience? Look no further than J1 jobs New York through Camp New York! Camp New York offers exciting work opportunities for J1 visa holders in

Summer Camp Jobs in the USA and how to get them with Camp New York! Are you looking for an unforgettable summer experience where you can make a difference in children’s lives while also having fun and developing valuable skills?

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What does being a Special Needs Counsellor at Camp New York involve? As a Special Needs Counsellor at Camp New York, you will have the opportunity to spend your summer helping special needs campers have a fun and fulfilling experience. Your role will be

At Camp New York, we offer a variety of exciting and unique roles for technology and science enthusiasts. Our technology and science positions are perfect for individuals with a passion for exploring the wonders of the world around us and

At Camp New York, we’re all about promoting healthy living and encouraging our campers to stay active. That’s why we’re on the lookout for talented Fitness Instructors to join our team of dedicated counsellors! As a Fitness Instructor at Camp New York, you’ll have

Work and Travel with Camp New York: Summer Camp Jobs in New York, America

Explore exciting opportunities as a camp counsellor in New York, America. Travel to the USA to work at a Summer Camp in America, experiencing the best of both work and adventure in the USA whilst earning $2,200 or more.